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1.Responsible for the daily administrative work of the company: Telephone answering; Guest reception reception; Maintenance of office environment, etc.

2.Responsible for convening company office meetings and other relevant meetings, and making the meeting notes.

3.Responsible for assisting the General Manager of the business reception.

4.Responsible for the General Manager’s day to day affairs and Schedule arrangement.

5.Responsible for assisting the General Manager of the customer contact and communication work.

6.You also need to complete the other things that the General Manager requested.


1.Married female only. College degree or above, with more than two years working experience in electronics industry. Administration Major or Secretary Major first.

2.Pure and smooth Oral English, with CET-4 or above certificate.

3.You need have strong ability to express, organize and coordinate skills, good interpersonal communication skills and keen insight. And can familiar with business etiquette, reasonable and efficient arrangements for the leadership schedule.

4.Have a good professional quality and professional image.

5.A C1 Driver's License or Above is necessary.

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