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The function of diode in Automotive Electronics System

  Rectifier diodes are electronic devices that allow electrical current to flow in one direction only. Because of this electrical property, diodes are used to convert alternating current electrical energy into direct current electrical energy. In an automotive electrical system, diodes can be found in several places, including the alternator. Alternator diodes perform three critical functions for the automotive charging system.

  An alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by creating a variable electromagnetic field. This field is induced across alternator windings, and creates an alternating current signal. However, the electrical devices in a car require direct current electrical energy.

The function of diode in Automotive Electronics System

  The electrical energy passes through a device called a rectifier, which is made up of six or more diodes. The rectifier converts the alternating current energy produced by the alternator into direct current energy the automobile can use.

  Simple function generators usually generate triangular waveform whose frequency can be controlled smoothly as well as in steps.

  This triangular wave is used as the basis for all of its other outputs. The triangular wave is generated by repeatedly charging and discharging a capacitor from a constant current source. This produces a linearly ascending and descending voltage ramp. As the output voltage reaches upper or lower limits, the charging or discharging is reversed using a comparator, producing the linear triangle wave. By varying the current and the size of the capacitor, different frequencies may be obtained. Saw tooth waves can be produced by charging the capacitor slowly, using a current, but using a diode over the current source to discharge quickly - the polarity of the diode changes the polarity of the resulting saw tooth, i.e. slow rise and fast fall, or fast rise and slow fall.

The function of diode in Automotive Electronics System

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