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Who invented the diode?

  Tube, also known as vacuum tube, it is the heart of electronic equipment, the development of electronic tube is the starting point of the development of the electronics industry. The world's first diode is the invention of the British Fleming.

  In 1882, Fleming was a technical adviser to Edison Electric. Fleming visited Edison and discussed the issue of electricity glow during his American visit in 1884. Edison showed Fleming an interesting phenomenon that he found in an incandescent study a year ago. Known as the Edison effect: An electrode is sealed in the carbon wire bulb, near the filament, when the current through the filament to make it heat, the metal plate on the current flow. Edison further tests that there is no current when the plate is connected to the anode of the filament through a galvanometer and connected to the cathode of the filament.

Who invented the diode?

  Fleming was very interested in this phenomenon, after returning home, he carried out some research on this: that the space between the filament pole is the electric one-way road.

  In 1896, Marconi Radio Telegraph Company was established, Fleming was hired as a consultant. In studying the improved detector in the radiotelephone receiver, he envisioned the use of the Edison effect to detect. Fleming put the two metal pieces into the vacuum glass tube, to the anode plate with high frequency alternating voltage, the emergence of the Edison effect, in the AC through this device was turned into a direct current. Fleming called this tube with two electrodes called a vacuum diode, it has two effects of rectification and detection, which is the first electronic device in human history. Fleming used the invention for radio detection and patented the United Kingdom on November 16, 1904.

Who invented the diode?

  Nowadays, the application of diodes is more and more extensive. Huixin diode have extended to many application fields, including automotive electronics, medical electronics, aerospace, green lighting, communication products, power supply products, household appliances smart meters and so on.

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