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  21st International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems will be hold on

  17–19 APRIL 2018


  As the professional manufacturer in diode,

  Huixin will attend this International Exhibition, our booth No. D19
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  The Exhibition Product Range

  Semiconductor components: Electromechanical Components, Passive Components and semiconductor products, Diode, Crystals, Memories, Processors, Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics and Display Devices, Connectors, Switches, Relays, Cables, Filters, Inductors, Resistors, Capacitors, Transformers, Microwave Components, Piezoelectric Components, Magnetic Materials, Piezoelectric Ceramic Products, etc.;

  Electronic Components Manufacturing Equipment and Services: Semiconductor and IC production Equipment, Electric Vacuum Device Manufacturing Equipment, FPD production Equipment, Electronic Component Production Equipment, SMT Accessories and Peripheral Equipment, Complete Assembly Equipment, Environmental Testing Equipment, Anti-static Equipment, Ultrasonic Equipment, Purification Equipment, Laser Equipment, Electronic General Equipment, Industrial Automation Equipment, etc.

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  Huixin has been dedicating to making improvement and keeping innovation for years, eager for providing customers with better products and services. Huixin keeps “innovation” as the core value, and prepares to launch innovative and diversified products and ideas to audiences this time.

  Huixin’s New Product Unveiling

  Product 1: General Purpose Rectifier Diode. Applying with international standard chip enables it with stable performance. Its exterior shell is covered with imported epoxy resin, hence it bears high temperature and has poor flammability. Oxygen-free copper on tin leading wires offers easy installment, easy bend and high resistance of oxygen.

  Product 2: Switching diode. Fast switching speed, tiny bulk, long lifetime and high reliability. It is widely used in switching circuit of electronic devices, detective circuit, high frequency and pulse rectification circuit as well as automatic controlling circuit.

  Product 3: Zener Diode. Excellent zener performance embodied with high working current and low dynamic current resistance. Lead-free, long lifetime and great stability and reliability. Zener diodes could be series-connected and used on high voltage circuit.

  Product 4: Fast Recovery Diode. Good switching performance, short reverse recovery time, high forward current, tiny bulk and easy installment. It is commonly applied in switching power supply, PWM, UPS, VVVF and high frequency heating device and so on.

  Product 5: Schottky Diode, Capability of low thermal resistance, high junction temperature and high anti surge current.Leading wires mounted tightly to the bottom of gadgets and heat spread swiftly. It is regarded as a technical breakthrough with tiny bulk but large power by improving its original appearance which is framed schistose leading wires on silicon chip radiating, meanwhile it has high anti forward surge current.

  Product 6: Bridge Rectifier, Small volume, easy installation, can effectively save the circuit board space, with high anti-surge current capacity to ensure product stability under high load.

  Pavilion layout

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  About Moscow ExpoElectronica

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  21st ExpoElectronica is the largest international exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems both in terms of the number and importance of its exhibitors in Russia and Eastern Europe.

  ExpoElectronica exhibition holds the title of the “Best exhibition in Russia” on the subject of electronics and accessories in all categories according to the Russian National Exhibition Rating.

  ExpoElectronica is an effective business platform to attract new clients and increase sales of electronic components, modules and systems to existing clients in Russia. Over 400 companies from 20 countries will take part in 2018 exhibition. More than 11 000 specialists from different regions of Russia and foreign countries are expected to visit the exhibition.

  As one of the international high-level exhibitions, the exhibition has also won the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Authority, the international exhibition authority.

  About Huixin

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  Huixin is a New Hi-tech Enterprise that is dedicated to semiconductor R&D, manufacturing, selling and serving. With the accumulation in diode industry for years, products of Huixin cover from Transient Voltage Suppressor Series, General Purpose Rectifier Series, Fast Recovery Rectifier Series, Schottky Barrier Rectifier Series, High Pressure Diodes Series, Switching Diodes Series, Zener Diodes Series, Bridge Rectifier, Semiconductor Power Diode, Semiconductor Power Thyristor to Automotive Rectifier Diode.

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Huixin Electronic Great wisdom, a core is infinite, to build the best semiconductor device industry!

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